Possible New Executive Order Restricting Employment-Related Visas & Work Permits

February 1st, 2017 § 0 comments

Employers of “H”, “L” and “B” visa holders involved in IT (and other areas) Consulting & Staffing:   

Andrew Bremberg, Director of Trump’s Domestic Policy Council at the White House, apparently has recommended that the President sign an Executive Order calling for additional restrictions on the use of H-1B, L-1, B-1 & J-1 visas and F-1/OPT work permits to protect U.S. workers.  The draft order would direct more 3rd party worksite visits to investigate visa abuse, and initiate investigations by the Departments of Homeland Security, Labor and Justice into harm to U.S. workers caused by outsourcing of jobs.  Although as of February 1st there is not an Executive Order signed on these topics, and the draft executive order could change if enacted, the President’s first actions against immigration in the past week indicate the likelihood that these additional anti-immigration restrictions will become reality at some point.

Now is the time to ensure your compliance policies are in order, that your compliance paperwork and records are in order, and that you are prepared to defend yourself if targeted for investigation.

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Matthew McClellan

Immigration Law Offices